Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day One at Tahoe Celebrity Golf Week

Tahoe Celebrity Golf Week 2008, is up and running.
Tuesday, July 8th - Today's Scoop from the 19th Hole @ Edgewood Tahoe's Press Room. Breaking News: Cat's out of the bag - Wayne and Judy Gretzky are enroute to South Lake Tahoe to compete in this year's American Century Celebrity Golf Championship. NHL's Gretzky, aka The Great One, last played this prestigeous tournament in 1999. Let's see how the Phoenix Coyotes boss and Mrs. G. fair this year with Modified Stableford Rules in play. No doubt, Wayne's Goaltender coach Grant Fuhr and other NHL alumni pals in this tournament will contribute a little guidance.

Speaking of Grant Fuhr, this could very well be his year at Edgewood Tahoe. This Alberta native, NHL All Star and Hall of Famer has a chance to walk out of here with $125 Gs on Sunday. A possible future Brodie Award contender yes?!

Today they played the LTVA Celeb Am at Edgewood. It's the traditional kick off event for this week long Celebrity Golf Celebration. About 18 Celeb Players teamed up with guys who are in the know and enjoy a good game of golf with a competitive edge. Today's winners; The Harrah's Tahoe Team headed up by our own Mr. V and Family with ACC's very first tournament champion, NFL's Mark Rypien.

A few other Celeb Players were spotted on the course today getting in an extra practice round. Among them, Baltimore Ravens QB Kyle Boller and defending ACC Champ - Chris Chandler. Both sporting multi day stubbles which makes one wonder if these boys are prepping for a new NBC TV series. Not likely.

Something big's in the works here at Edgewood this weekend for Sir Charles. We'd tell ya, but then we'd have to - well, you know. But we do promise it isn't a rematch sprint race with a certian NBA Ref.

Wednesday the 9th is official Practice Round Day at Edgewood and from Weather.com's local prediction - the hottest day of the year. But we're predicting more fair winds that will keep the Tahoe Basin somewhat clear of smoke. And then - the Burkster, along with Stan, The Man With The Booming Voice - will be here Wednesday to continue these blog extravagancies. (Hark! A huge cheer erupts from the blogosphere).

Don't forget to catch all the fun, games and more than just a few exciting putts - from Lake Tahoe this weekend on ESPN and NBC Sports. Later . . .

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