Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 LTVA Celebrity-Am Tournament

The 20th anniversary of the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship officially got underway today with the LTVA Celebrity-Am Tournament. This best ball Stableford scoring event partners four amateurs with a celebrity in a test of Edgewood's tournament tough layout. More than just a round of golf, players are treated to an exclusive breakfast, gift bag worth over $250 and an awards luncheon with their celebrity following play. This year's list of celebrities included the likes of World Class Skier, Bode Miller, former NFL All-Pro QB, Steve Bartkowski and NHL Hall of Fame Goalie, Grant Fuhr.Add Image

The winning team this year was headed up former NFL QB, Billy Joe Tolliver. Tolliver is a 2-time winner of this championship and is always a crowd favorite. Coming in second was the group of Cleveland Browns QB, Derek Anderson. Anderson is a first timer to this event and looks to be staring it off on the right foot. San Jose Sharks All Star Center, Jeremy Roenick helped his group to a third place finish and a trip to the tournament podium as well bragging rights.

A few big time celebrities were also seen on the course sharpening up their skills and getting ready for this weekend. NFL Hall of Fame QB, John Elway was playing in a group with former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, and former Bronco's Safety, John Lynch. The orange and blue were well represented today. NBA Superstar, Michael Jordan got in a friendly round with former Pittsburgh Steelers RB, Jerome Bettis. The "Bus" and "MJ" went through some cigars today. Actor Jack Wagner, NHL Hall of Famer, Mario Lemieux and Three time Celebrity Champion, Dan Quinn were also seen getting some practice in today. It's only Tuesday and the star power is already heating up. Early days are always great for getting up close with your favorite celebrity. Stay tuned to Tahoecelebritygolf.com for all the early round action.

Geoff Burke Tahoecelebritygolf.com sports writer


EJ said...

Hey! Duffers and Golfers too!

Is this a scene I should check out ?

moss said...

Love to watch Jack Wagner play. Coming in tomorrow.

Nick said...

Where's today's scores?

The more I look at this, the more I think I'll fit it in to my summer vacation schedule.

moss: did ya see your buddy play ?

Estanislao said...

Hey Nick,

The American Century Tournament begins Friday.

TahoeCelebrityGolf.com had real time scoring last year and probably will this year too. I don't think they update scores for the Celebrity-Am tournaments. Does anyone but their family really care if the marketing director for Harrah's shot under par?

Anonymous said...

Had this planned for a long time and must say It is not like they say it is... A lot of the celebrities didn't even show up even though they say Tues & Wed are the biggest Fan meet & Greet... As far as Jerome Bettis, Michael Jordan, Dan Marino were so RUDE I was so disappointed these are people you idolize and spend money supporting them. Jack Wagner, Maurey, Bruce McGill, Alfonso Ribeiro, Ken Whisenhunt, Derek Anderson & Billy Joe Tolliver were so nice and happy to sign autographs and were happy to do so....

EJ said...

wow. To promote early week fan fun and not to deliver. Caligrl, I'd be mad as heck too.

Estanislao said...

I have been coming to the tournament for over a decade and there's always a couple celebrities that don't make a lot of time for their fans. Kordell Stewart was the worst.

But they're the minority. Even in caligrl's comment there's three times as many nice guys as there are disappointing celebrities.

To judge the entire tournament field and practice day experience on the interaction with just a couple celebrities paints an inaccurate picture of the event.

Mark Edwards said...

I played last year with Lou Holtz and then with Steve Spurrier. Both were extremely pleasant to my buddy and I, and made a lot of time between holes to sign autographs. My experience was really great and well worth the money that I paid to enter and travel to Tahoe.

I recommend this event highly to anyone who has a love for golf and having a relaxing good time.

EJ said...

Thanks for the positive vibe, guys. I think the whole thing sounds like it could be fun... Estanislao pointed out that not all legend and celebrities are all bad. Caligrl ran into some guys maybe not quite awake or something.

Mark -- what do you mean enter ? Did you play on Celebrity/Am day ? Tell us more. Blog about it.

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