Thursday, June 6, 2013

Volunteers needed for American Century celebrity golf tournament

The American Century Championship brings the biggest sports legends and celebrity names to Lake Tahoe annually. With stars like Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Ray Romano, Aaron Rodgers and John Elway set to tee it up July 16-24 at Edgewood Tahoe, the tournament is great golf and entertainment rolled into one.  

For the tournament to run as seamlessly as it has for the past 23 years, it has required a lot of unsung volunteers who work behind the scene. They're the ones who marshal, keep score, provide security and otherwise make the tournament run timely and smoothly. 

You can be a part of the celebrity golf week at Tahoe and assist with this nationally televised event. More than 400 volunteers are needed to make it all happen. 

Be a volunteer and you could leave with a celebrity's golf ball. 
Here are brief descriptions of the positions available. Further information on each position and duties will be provided at the volunteer orientation. Registration will close at end of day, Thursday, July 11.

Course Marshals: These folks represent 75 percent of volunteer positions at the tournament. This is a relatively stationary position that is responsible for spectator control.

Security: Stationary position needed Tuesday through Sunday to check passes at the Clubhouse, VIP tents, locker room and front gate.

Scoring: Ever scored a golf tournament before? If you have experience, you're needed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Scorers must be able to walk the course and have a working knowledge of golf and the Stableford scoring system. Applicants must be tech savvy as scoring will be executed via a palm pilot. Training for walking scorers is Thursday morning, July 18 during the Pro-Am.

Scoring Control: Prefer to work from the inside out? This stationary position posts from inside a trailer where volunteers receive scores from hole reporters.
Runners: Can you walk at a brisk pace for a few hours at a time? This is a position for people willing to do a lot of walking and able to handle responsibility in a flexible manner.

Scoring Tent: Like to do math outside but in the shade? This position requires strong math skills, knowledge of golf scoring and the ability to read scribbles on scorecards.

Standard Bearer: When the Friday through Sunday tournament begins, each celebrity threesome gets their own announcer. Bearers are assigned to walk with a threesome and carry a large sign which includes their last name, current scores and standings. Volunteers must be in good physical condition and prepared to carry a five pound sign throughout play and understand scoring. 

Leader Board: These Friday through Sunday volunteers communicate with scorers and work in teams of four to post scores. Applicants must be comfortable working on an elevated platform. This requires a working knowledge of golf and the scoring system.

Volunteers get a free uniform and a guest ticket in addition to their own complimentary admission and lunch for each day they've worked. Each volunteer will earn a raffle ticket for each shift worked, with triple tickets awarded for working Thursday. As experienced volunteers will attest, the American Century Championship staff provide excellent prizes that are awarded at the volunteer 'thank you' party on Saturday. 

Volunteers will receive notification of their assignment by mid-June and will be required to attend an orientation session and uniform pick-up meeting prior to the tournament. Please call (775) 588-5900, ext. 310 or email with questions or concerns. One application per person. Click to apply.

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