Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Tips to Hosting Your Own Watch Party

The 25th anniversary of the American Century Championship is upon us and we’ve created a list of things that you might need to consider doing or having for your own watch party.

1.     For starters, since this is a golf tournament, it is imperative that you schedule out four-to-five  hours for the festivities. Unlike most sports, golf does not operate under strict time constraints and neither should your party.
2.     The American Century Championship is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In that spirit, everything must be to the theme of American Century’s color of green, which isn’t difficult seeing as golf is literally played on the Green. Also the number 25 should be incorporated as many times as possible; 25 green napkins, 25 green plates, 25 green cups, 25 green chairs, 25 green hot dogs, 25 of everything. No more. No Less.  (This is a joke. Please have more than 25 of all the things. No one wants to go to a party and feel like they are in the Hunger Games. Also disregard the green hotdogs. If your hotdogs are green, please just throw them away.)
3.     Fashion, as is golf tradition, is highly regarded and considered to be of strict importance, especially when it comes to bold colors and the patterns of argyle and plaid. There can be no deviation if you wish to be taken seriously.  The Golf Fashion Guidelines, which was co-authored over the course of half a century by Payne Stewart and Rickie Fowler, states that one must either dress like an English Gentleman or like Willy Wonka (photos below to help guide you). Really, any mixture of the two will suffice.

4.     Now that you have accurate examples of the appropriate attire for your Watch Party, let’s discuss what you will do during the party. You have four-to-five hours of golf watching to look forward to, but we all know it’s a sport that takes up double the time with half the action. To make up for the lack of action, create your own. It would be great if you have a putting green on hand to help entertain your guests.
5.     After your guests’ attention spans start to lose interest  from watching golf, or playing the tiny version you’ve provided, you will certainly need another way to make them stick around. How do you do this? Deviate. Rebel. Yes. What I’m telling you is taboo, but you must do it. At your American Century Championship Watch Party, you must incorporate other sports. Here me out. This tournament features a spectrum of athletes from basketball players to NASCAR racers. Why shouldn’t your party be as diverse as this golf tournament? You can set up a Trash Shooting Contest to imitate Golden State’s Steph Curry while also forcing your guests to clean up for you.  Another option is to organize a Field Goal Kicking contest. And by field goal, I mean who can flick a paper football through a goal post made of fake golf clubs. Or you could channel NASCAR’s Ricky Stenhouse by drag racing down the street and back. The opportunities are endless!
6.     To appreciate all of this great athleticism you’re witnessing from your party guests and from the athletes at the American Century Championship you need a way to recognize their successes.  Golf may just well be the only activity, besides poetry slams, to have its very own form of showing appreciation; the Golf Clap. Make sure to have yours down. Extra points are rewarded for style.
7.     After enjoying some Golf Party activities your guests are going to need sustenance. When you think of golf you may not immediately think of food, but when you put them together there is only one conclusion to come to in terms of food: you must have ball shaped foods only. Balls of cheese, balls of meat (also known as meatballs), balls of fruit (which is easy to do seeing as many fruits already come in ball form i.e. oranges), balls of vegetables (good luck with that one, you’re on your own), balls of cake (also known as cake pops), balls of ice cream (also known as a scoop), balls of chocolate, etc. Golf is known for balls. Lots of balls everywhere. Your party should adhere to such a strong tradition. 
8.     Your Golf Party will need libations. The perfect thirst quencher for any golf related activity, even if you’re simply playing put-put, is an Arnold Palmer. It is the perfect mix of lemonade and iced-tea, just like good old Arnie liked it. And if you’re really trying to party, just dash a little bit (or a lot depending on necessity) of your favorite liquor into the Arnold Palmer and voila! You’ve made yourself a John Daily. Enjoy!
9.     Another drink option apart from Arnold Palmers and John Dailys, is something a little more closely related to the American Century Championship; Korbel Champagne. Not only is Korbel Champagne delicious, but a little bubbly always gives any party a dash of class. And if you’ve gotten this far through the list, you realize your party will be the epitome of luxury and sophistication.
10.  In the spirit of giving, it might be nice to pass around a golf hat to collect money for a charity. Why? The championship has a history of giving – more than $4.2 million has been raised for a range of national and local non-profits. As you may know, this year’s tournament beneficiary is the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. Thanks to the generosity of American Century Investment’s late Founder James Stowers Jr., and his wife, Virginia, the company distributes more than 40 percent of its profits to the Institute. Both cancer survivors, Jim and Virginia dedicated their personal fortune to improving human health through basic research to fight gene-based diseases like cancer. He called it “Hope for Life!” #GiveLikeJim

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